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Job Opportunity

Shadow Caregiver for Special Needs Child

All Potential Candidates MUST:

  1. Be between the ages of 18 - 58 years old.

  2. Submit two Character References from a Justice of the Peace, High Ranked Police Officer, Minister of Religion, School Principal, or Government Official.  Both references MUST be signed and stamped.  References may be contacted prior to the formal engagement.

  3. Have at least a Grade Nine Level education.

  4. Be available to attend the initial training session conducted by the Special Education Unit (SEU).

  5. Agree to participate in any subsequent training sessions to which they are invited by the SEU.

  6. Attend any training sessions provided by the school when invited.

  7. Be present at school every day, between the hours of 7:45am - 5:00pm, even if the student is absent.

  8. Sign a contract at the start of each academic year. 


  • One recent passport-sized photograph

  • Proof of qualifications

  • TRN and NIS Numbers

  • A Government issued Identification Card

  • A Medical Certificate (can be from a Health Center)

  • Banking Information (Account No, Type of Account) from a commercial bank (for example NCB, JN Bank, BNS).

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

  • A letter of assumption indicating that they have assumed the post and the commencement date.  The assumption letter must be dated and submitted on the first day of engagement each school year and should be signed by the Shadow Caregiver and their supervisor at the school and be stamped with the school's stamp.

Interested candidates should submit their resumes to and/or Call (876) 779-5384 or (876) 997-3016 for more information.

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