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Legacy Building: Five Essentials for Overcoming Obstacles

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

We face obstacles every day!

They feature in our personal and professional lives.

Our approach to managing and mitigating them will determine whether they lead to further growth and development or become permanent barriers to success and purpose fulfilment.

To prevent obstacles from becoming fixtures in our lives or permanent barriers to success, we need these five essentials:


Our foundation determines our "Strength of Character", "Mindset", and relentless "Yes I Can" attitude".

The right Character, Mindset, and Attitude will drive us to action whenever barriers to goal attainment and purpose fulfilment present themselves.

They also help us conquer complacency and fear of failure as well as see the cup half full of endless possibilities for attaining our goals.

With a solid foundation, obstacles that would appear insurmountable to others, are simply challenges we need to overcome.


These skills help us break obstacles down into manage issues and identify the underlying issue that must be conquered or overcome to mitigate the obstacle.

They help us identify the areas we can impact personally, and the areas for which we need outside support.

If we neglect to critically think about and analyze obstacles from various perspectives, we may apply solutions that make the obstacle more difficult to overcome or mitigate.


It is better to have many solutions and never use them, than to need them and they are not readily available to you.

A single solution is never enough. It is best to have a plan B, C, and sometimes D, depending on the type of obstacle you are managing.


When I first encountered this concept, I did not quite understand it. However, after carefully studying how it applies in business and leadership, I adopted it as a main essential for success in our fast-moving, technology-driven, and ever-changing world.

Whether you know it or not, you are operating in a competitive space. Someone out there is after the same success you are after! The difference between who wins is the ability to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Embracing this concept means having the ability to adapt to the rapid changes in the external environment, in order to grow and maintain our competitive advantage.


When things are changing as rapidly as they currently are, we need an agile outlook to help us embrace continuous learning and discovery of new ways of working.

We will also prioritize discarding what is no longer relevant, thereby creating enough space in our brains to continuously learn and apply the new knowledge we need to remain relevant, especially as leaders!

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