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Desrine McFarlane is a human resource professional with over thirty (30) years leadership experience. Her consultancy Legacy HRM offers a wide range of human resource services to local and multinational organizations.

She is passionate about people, leadership development, public speaking, and supporting organizations with improving their corporate culture, employee engagement, and change management capabilities. 

Desrine enjoys giving back and is committed to utilizing her core competences to help individuals and organizations grow, develop, and achieve their strategic objectives.


She believes that the keys to effective leadership are active listening, building strong relationships, effective communication, and the continuous improvement of one's emotional quotient (EQ).

She is the author of I've Got Shoes: How to Capitalize on Game-Changing Experiences and Opportunities and Radically Transform Your Life.  


Desrine has Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Northern Caribbean University, and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management from Florida International University.  


She lives by the Motto If BETTER is possible, GOOD is not enough!

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