About Legacy HRM

Legacy Human Resource Management provides a wide range of services, tailored to our client’s specific needs.


Our Expertise includes Training and Development, Leadership Coaching, Teambuilding Workshops and Webinars, Keynote Speaking and Presentations for Conferences, Expo's, and organizations, and HRM Services including all aspects of Human Resource that can be outsourced.


Our current clientele includes Banks, other Private Corporations, Government Agencies, Small Medium-sized Enterprises, and Individual Entrepreneurs.

At Legacy HRM we...

Listen to Learn and Understand

Develop Client-Specific Content

Commit to Improve, Inform, and Inspire!

About Desrine McFarlane

Desrine McFarlane, Owner and Chief Consultant of Legacy Human Resource Management is an experienced Human Resource Consultant with over 27 years experience in Human Resource Leadership.


Her competences includes  Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Conference Presenter.