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Legacy Builders Break Re-Shape and Re-Create

Legacy Builders believe that the future generation can benefit from their experiences. They are excellent at spotting talents to mentor, coach, and train. They understand that helping others sometimes require helping them to break the cycle of complacency, underachievement, self-pity, and giving-up easily.

Legacy Builders help others to view their possibilities from a new perspective. They understand that over time, legacy building will involve many marathons geared at formulating new foundations on which to build and new paradigms from which to think. It will also involve a few sprints in between, to ensure those in their charge move quickly to grasp opportunities for learning, growth, and development.


Legacy Builders do not allow failures to break them, as a result of past failures, they experience exponential growth because they are willing to try and try, and try again until they succeed. This gives them the opportunity to use their stories to help others break their cycle of failures, and to move beyond their current capabilities by embracing the key learnings from each failure.

Breaking the failure pattern is key to legacy building. The more devastating the failure, the more there is to learn from why what went wrong, went wrong. This is how we break the cycle, we delve into the "why", and when we find it, we ensure that it does not block our path to success in the future. Sometimes we cannot rid ourselves of the "why", but we can mitigate it's impact.