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Legacy Building, The Importance of Knowing Your "Why"

When you think about your current career, field of study, and profession, do you get excited? Are you engaged in something you are passionate about?

Do you wake up each day with a positive mental attitude about what is on your menu, your calendar, or your "to do list"?

Are you focused daily on achieving some specific outcomes or fulfilling your KPI's?

At the end of each workday, are you mostly satisfied that you have made some meaningful contribution to yourself, a cause, someone, a group, or an entity?

The answer to these questions will determine whether you are clear about your "why" and whether you are intentional about legacy building!

Many years ago, I decided to purposefully pursue "service to others" as a career, a decision that led me to a career in human resources. For me, human resource leadership is about meaningful and purposeful service to others. It is the ideal career for making a difference in my life (self-development) and the lives and careers of those I am privileged to serve as a family member, fellow citizen, neighbor, coworker, coach, mentor, and leader.

In every role I have served professionally - receptionist, typist, payroll clerk, secretary, administrator, supervisor, human resource leader, public speaker/presenter, and my current role as the head of Legacy HRM, my goal has been the same, to use each role as a legacy building platform.

Whatever your profession, legacy building should be your main objective. If you are a student, parent, teacher, mentor, coach, or leader, the values you instill in those you influence and those in your charge will form part of your legacy, whether you are intentional about it or not!

I challenge you today, to begin thinking seriously about why you are engaged in the activities and actions you carry out daily. This is the best way to ensure that you are being intentional about the legacy you are creating.

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