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Legacy Building: 5 Tips to Improve your EQ.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ) refers to our ability to perceive, evaluate, control and express emotions constructively and effectively.

As emotional beings, our emotions play an important role in how we communicate and relate to others. In essence, our EQ determines whether we are effective or ineffective at building and maintaining strong relationships, and whether we embrace feedback.

If you struggle with maintaining your emotions under pressure, it will ultimately shape your ability to build strong and productive relationships, especially with the people to the left of you.

Who are the people to the left of you? They are the ones who challenge you and oppose your leadership and ideas.

Tip #1 - Build Your Credibility!

Credibility requires the consistent demonstration of honesty and integrity in everything we do. It is building and earning the trust of others. When people trust us and value our word, they are more prone to listen to, buy into, and embrace our ideas. Building credibility demands inclusiveness. That is, treating the thoughts and opinions of others, as important as our own.

Tip #2 - Demonstrate Authenticity

Authenticity is knowing who we are, what we are about, and the values that drives our thoughts, words, and actions. Challenges strengthen, not weaken who we are and what we stand for, and prove to others that we know what we are about. Authentic people are determined to eke out their own success while maintaining their integrity. When they give their word, they honor it!

"When you make a commitment, you are giving your word and putting your honor on the line." – Frank Sonnenberg

Tip #3 - Cement Your Influence

People who desire to improve their EQ, understands the power of influence and use theirs to build and support others. As they gain power (by being credible and authentic), they seek to use that power to empower others, especially those in their immediate orbit, and those who can befit from their mentorship and leadership. Life becomes less about them, and more about the people around them.

Tip #4 - Communicate Ideas Powerfully

There is nothing more effective than someone who speaks from experience. People who are striving to build their EQ use their credibility, authenticity and influence, to their advantage, when they communicate. They get others to embrace their ideas using clear and powerful language. Where buy in is the goal, they focus their message on the endgame or win/win results. They use inclusive words like "we, us, and our" when communicating, and speak the language of the audience or person with whom they are communicating.

Tip #5 - Build Strong Relationships

Credibility, authenticity, influence and effective communication are key requirements for building strong relationship. When we master these traits and concepts, we become emotionally mature. We listen more, speak, less, and value feedback and collaboration. We treat people as we desire to be treated. We prioritize their feelings and wellbeing, sometimes above our own, by demonstrating empathy in an effort to understand their perspective. We are so focused on the benefits of strong relationships that we are not derailed by or is daunted by conflicts. Instead, we value difference of opinion and consistently work towards achieving win/win resolutions when conflicts arise.

The Bottomline

Whatever our role, EQ or our ability to perceive, evaluate, control and express emotions constructively and effectively is essential to our success. Our challenge is to work on our credibility, authenticity, and influence, which are the main ingredients for communicating effectively and building strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

I invite your comments and feedback!

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