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Legacy Building | The Woman Who Made Me

Earlier this year, I shared a post with my LinkedIn network titled Mom and Me.

In February 2022, Mom lost a leg due to circulation issues related to diabetes, and since then she’s become my #1 Priority.

This new reality could not have happened at a better time in terms of my availability to support and take care of her.

In our family, Mom was the main Legacy Builder. She poured all her energy into ensuring that her children achieved whatever we desired, especially a solid education.

Because of my educational foundation, I currently own my career, which gives me control over my time - hence allowing me the flexibility to be present whenever Mom needs me - which is pretty often!

When my battle with lupus began in 2006, Mom insisted that I would live to take care of her, and that became my main motivation to fight to stay alive.

I recall the conviction and certainty in her voice,. Mom knew I would be here for her today, and I’m happy I am!

I’m writing this blog from the waiting area of an hospital where Mom is having her monthly check up.

As I sit here reflecting, I’m overcome with several emotions - love for her, joy that I can be here for her, peace in the fact that she’s doing well, gratitude that I still have my Mom, and happiness that she’s still impacting my life in a positive way!

Love you Mom❤️

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